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About CEC

CEC Milestones

The following is a chronology of the initiatives or programmes we have developed and launched in the last decade:

Academic Year
 Programme or Initiatives Started
  • CEC established
  • English Language Workshop
  • English Enrichment Programme (EEP)
  • CORE005 Academic Writing (Pilot project)
  • Writing Coaches (Teaching Consultants as coaches)
  • CORE006 Academic Writing (Course code change)
  • Qualifying English Test (QET) for Academic Writing
  • English Enrichment Programme (Grammar, Political Science Writing and Pronunciation)
  • Bridging Programme
  • Business Proposal Writing Workshop (Marketing)
  • Master of Science in Applied Finance (China)
  • SIS PhD – Writing and Speaking
  • WRIT001 Academic Writing (Course code change)
  • MAF (China) – Renamed Speaking up in the Workplace
  • Best Paper Prize
  • Writing Intensive Courses (POSC 102, MKTG 215, MGMT 105)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) Writing Coaches
  • Case Editing (started March 2011)
  • Exemption Test (revised format of QET)
  • Writing Coaches (Students as coaches) T2
  • English Enrichment Programme (added presentation and LOMS)
  • Discipline-Specific Writing Workshops (POSC 003, IS 101, IS 404, OBHR 001)
  • Discipline-specific Writing Workshops – T2 (ECON001, MKTG 215)
  • MBA – Workshop on Stylistic Conventions
  • MBA Writing Coaches renamed to MBA –Oral and Written Communication
  • Professional Services for internal and external clients
  • China Initiative (Entrance Test)
  • WRIT001 Academic Writing (RP Track and BR Track)
  • MAF (China) –Speaking up in the workplace renamed to MAF (China) – Effective Presentation and Reports
  • SOE PhD (Econs) – Presentation Coaching
  • SOE PhD (Econs) – Clarity in Writing
  • Post Graduate Professional Programme
  • Master of Science in Wealth Management – Communication Course
  • Writing Coaches renamed to Communication Coach (includes Presentation coaching)
  • LOMS is segregated to be a programme on its own
  • CEC Research Projects ( Accountancy and Information Systems)
  • WRIT001 Academic Writing (BR Track only)
  • WRIT001 Academic Writing (compulsory for all students with B in GP, no Exemption Test)
  • Discipliine-Specific Writing Workshops for Law
  • MAF (China) – Effective Presentation and Reports renamed to MAF – Effective Presentation and Reports
  • MBA –Oral and Written Communication renamed to MBA Communication Skills Course
  • Master of Science in Financial Economics: Articulating Critical Analysis
  • Media Projects
  • Adjunct Teaching Award
  • Adjunct Improvement Award
  • New framework for PhD (Econs)
  • Master of IT in Business
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Renamed WRIT001 to Programme in Writing and Reasoning (PWR)


Last updated on 11 Jan 2017 .