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Master of IT in Business (MITB)

Communicating Professionally in the IT Industry

In today’s competitive and technology-enabled economy, information technology professionals have to adapt fast and use effective communication skills in the workplace in order to be successful in their roles. This 38-hour course is customized to help develop many aspects of communication for the MITB postgraduate student. In intercultural communication, they learn about the factors that help facilitate communication across different cultures and backgrounds, and understand communication barriers and sensitivities while working in a globalized economy. This course also strengthens students’ understanding of interpersonal communication while working in teams and in projects.

Writing and oral skills are also taught in this course to support the academic requirements in the students’ programme as well as prepare them for their professional roles. One special feature of this course teaches students to represent business data in posters and slides so that they are visually compelling and effective in order to appeal to the needs of the stakeholders.

The course also introduces the SMU learning model so that students understand the expectations and can communicate clearly in the classroom to achieve success in their PG programme. The interactive nature of the course uses role plays, games and discussions to provide students with opportunities to practice and reinforce their writing and oral skills. Through practice, they gain feedback on their progress from the instructor and from peers for continuous improvement.

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

1.         Deliver different types of presentations adequately

2.         Write coherently and clearly for a vareity of purposes

3.         Understand intercultural communication in a globalized environment

4.         Use interpersonal communication skills effectively in managing projects and in teams

5.         Analyze purpose and audience in different contexts

6.         Use APA convenations correctly



Last updated on 04 Aug 2017 .