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Master of Professional Accounting (MPA)


There are two parts to this course:


In today’s competitive economy, accounting professionals have to adapt workplace presentation skills quickly and effectively to be successful. This 12-hour intensive course is customized to reinforce key presentation skills and to offer opportunities for students to increase their understanding of persuasive presentations—those that encourage others to change their beliefs, feelings or behaviour.  The interactive nature of the course provides students with opportunities to practise and reinforce their oral skills. At the same time, they receive feedback on their progress from the instructor and from peers for continuous improvement. 


MPA graduates are thrust into a complex business environment spanning a culturally and linguistically diverse global community. To be workplace-ready, graduates need to communicate to function effectively and establish relationships successfully. This 30-hour course enhances MPA participants’ skills for real-time business interactions in English during their course of study, internship and at the workplace.

Each session focuses on areas of communication mirroring workplace scenarios: navigating intercultural communication, networking confidently, building relationships through small talk, writing business emails and taking effective notes. The course is customized and designed using simulations, role-plays, hands-on practice and feedback from the instructor and peers. Instructors also use interactive activities that challenge participants to articulate their ideas in clear, concise and coherent messages appropriate for the intended audience. 

By the end of the course, students should be able to:


1.       Adapt their communication to specific stakeholders within a company

2.       Present with a clear purpose

3.       Express and present their ideas clearly, coherently and concisely

4.       Use presentation skills effectively to persuade stakeholders



1.         Communicate their ideas effectively in business emails and report discussions effectively

2.         Present themselves confidently and engage others to establish relationships

3.         Navigate the norms and nuances of intercultural communication and adapt to any business culture.



Last updated on 04 Aug 2017 .