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Master of Science in Financial Economics (MSFE)

Articulating Critical Analysis

This course aims at strengthening the ability of students to engage in critical analysis of texts such as policy case studies or discussions of policy in order to evaluate them, articulate their understanding, debate alternate viewpoints by taking and supporting a position, and suggest changes to the texts. Working in both oral and written modes, students will engage in critical thinking as they unpack assumptions, deal with nuanced language, analyze structure, and develop ideas. The class is highly participatory and activity-driven.

The class consists of two parts:

  1. A four-week, 20 hour intensive section in which students study texts relevant to their field and engage in class and group activities designed to provide opportunities for them to unpack, discuss and debate meaningful policy issues, both orally and in writing. This section is completed at the beginning of Term One of the MSFE programme.
  2. Nine one-hour sessions spread out over Term One, for a total of nine (9) hours of contact time. These sessions are designed to offer support for students as they work through their first term of study in the programme. These follow-up sessions will operate like open office hours. Students can voluntarily attend and will receive feedback, help and guidance relevant to the intensive section of the MSFE course, and to their programme of study during the term.
By the end of the course, students should be able to:

1.         Engage in critical analysis of policy cases and legal texts

2.         Unpack assumptions and trace nuanced language to analyze arguments

3.         Evaluate positions, take a stand and support it (verbally and in writing)

4.         Debate positions effectively and articulate alternate viewpoints

5.         Translate from "technical" to "less technical" language for a general audience

6.         Write an abstract that reflects summarizing skills


Last updated on 04 Aug 2017 .