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Master of Science in Management (MM)

Managing cases effectively

In today’s global business environment, MM professionals are expected to be able to analyse business cases with accuracy and present their analysis in a persuasive and confident manner to key stakeholders. This 10-hour course is therefore customised to help MM professionals to succeed in this new role by using a systematic and rigorous approach to develop their ability to articulate their analysis and to present their ideas formally in written reports and oral presentations. The course also gives an extra edge for MM professionals in the job market as it prepares them to be workplace-ready by providing them with the skills to analyse and present cases for job interviews in highly competitive business organizations which use case interviews as part of the selection process. The interactive nature of the course uses authentic business cases, group discussions and peer reviews to provide participants with opportunities to practise and reinforce their analytical, writing and presentation skills. Through practice, participants gain feedback on their progress from the instructor and from peers for continuous improvement.

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

1.         Read, discuss, and analyze cases

2.         Write a case summary and a case analysis

3.         Present a case analysis

4.         Contribute and participate in group discussions

5.         Make an individual persuasive presentation

6.         Provide peer feedback



Last updated on 04 Aug 2017 .