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PGRP Graduate Instructors

Effective Communication Skills for Graduate Instructors 
This 30-hour course enhances the communication skills for Graduate Instructors so that they become better presenters and instructors in the classroom. The interactive nature of the course uses roles plays, debates, games and discussions to provide them with opportunities to practice their pronunciation and presentation skills and to gain feedback on their performance. Students will also receive feedback from peers and instructor as they take on a rotating schedule and make filmed mini presentations in class. Where possible, the workshop will take on a blended learning approach to increase student engagement and reinforce teaching points.

This course is suitable for doctoral students who wish to develop their teaching and presentation skills for the undergraduate audience. They should be fairly confident in their oral communication and have a mid-to-high level of proficiency in English language.

Students will be assessed by CEC-led panel to be endorsed as Graduate Instructors. CEC will then recommend suitable students to UCC and Schools to make the final decision to appoint them as Graduate Instructors. Students are allowed to take the assessment without attending the course.


By the end of the course, students should be able to:

1.         Analyze purpose and audience,

2.         Pronounce words clearly,

3.         Use vocal elements appropriately,

4.         Commnunicate ideas coherently,

5.         Deliver confident presentations.



Last updated on 04 Aug 2017 .