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ELI Review

  • SMU's Centre for English Communication (CEC) launched Eli Review, its newest blended learning initiative, at the start of AY 2015-16, with more than 1,500 freshman using the tool in the Programme in Writing and Reasoning (PWR) course. Mid-term course feedback showed enhanced teacher and student satisfaction.


No. of freshman taking the PWR course

Term 1


Term 2



1,623 (or about 85% of the cohort)


    • SMU CEC is the first communication centre outside the United States to use Eli Review – a software tool designed by educators to promote better writing through better peer feedback and revision.
    • Students learn how to peer review each other’s writing. Peer review technology helps students learn the features of excellent writing as they write their own drafts, and review the writing of their peers. They then revise their own writing based on peer feedback.
    • Eli review can be used to increase writing effectiveness with different kinds of student writing. Students focus on learning text features and conventions of different types of academic and professional writing, ranging from business proposals to persuasive pitches and research reports.
    • The approach can be used with undergraduates, postgraduates and even with professionals in different industries. Beyond the undergraduate level, CEC has also pilot tested Eli review in postgraduate teaching, specifically in the MBA programme (August 2015) and Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) programme (May 2015).

    -        In the MBA programme, Eli Review was used to teach MBA students to write more persuasively in an influence course;

    -        In the MPA programme, it was used to teach students to write and peer review academic reports more effectively.


    Last updated on 11 Jan 2017 .