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Programme in Writing and Reasoning (PWR)

Programme in Writing and Reasoning

Love it or hate it, academic writing is a part of every student’s university life. It’s in reports, case studies and even technical documents. No matter which school’s involved, there is no escaping this fact: students will have to write. 

Not to worry! CEC appreciates how important academic writing is. We’ve made an entire course based on it – Programme in Writing and Reasoning (PWR)!

Apart from the typical “compulsory; pre-requisite; clear thy modules” package, PWR also offers the opportunity for students to analyze and articulate business-related issues. It teaches the art of persuasive and strategic writing, the science behind sentence structure and clarity in expression. We strive to make every student an effective communicator. These are fundamental skills that all future courses will draw on.

Think of PWR as a springboard that allows students to test the waters before plunging into new challenges. Anyone can write. It’s coming across as intelligent and articulate that’s the hard part. This course is life-changing. We’re not exaggerating.


  • Critical reading
  • Critical and lateral thinking
  • Formulate clear position statements
  • Analyze multiple perspectives on an issue
  • Analyze, evaluate and interpret relevant supporting evidence, including statistical data
  • Synthesize logically similar and opposing views from a variety of texts
  • Develop research and library skills
  • Integrate print and electronic sources effectively with personal viewpoint
  • Use correct documentation styles
  • Revise your writing



Last updated on 23 May 2017 .