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Programme in Writing and Reasoning (PWR)

Programme in Writing and Reasoning

The Programme in Writing and Reasoning (PWR) equips students with key communication strategies to write cogently in academic, business and professional settings. Using a variety of secondary textual sources, students will learn to read critically, formulate a position convincingly using appropriate evidence, and convey their ideas persuasively on a range of topics. In working with authentic communication problems, students learn to clarify communication goals and context while they define the relevant audience and appropriate genre for their communication.  In short, learning to write clearly, coherently, and concisely is the goal.  

  • Select,  analyze and evaluate credible secondary sources
  • Synthesize similar and opposing views to  interpret and organize relevant evidence
  • Formulate a clear position on an issue and craft logical arguments to support that stance
  • Write persuasively by drawing on logical, emotional and ethical appeals to the issue
  • Use an appropriate referencing style.
  • Adapt to business writing conventions in the use of language, format and visual



Last updated on 21 Jun 2018 .