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Communication Coaches

Communication Coaches for AY1819 Term 2

Having problems with your term papers and oral presentations? Get help from the experts!

CEC is giving you the opportunity to have your writing and presentation reviewed by our communication coaches. These specially trained student coaches will help you to overcome challenges of structuring and delivering your class assignments. The individualised, one-on-one 20-minute consultations have a proven success rate in improving grades.

Consultation fees

  • Consultation is free of charge.
  • We only require you to submit the required documents (no later than) 2 days before your consultation date, and to turn up on time for your consultation session.

Required documents from you

You are required to submit the following documents to your coach (no later than) 2 days before your consultation date. Otherwise, your coach would not have enough time to properly review your draft and the session would be cancelled.

For PWR students:

  1. A draft of your completed assessment (Microsoft Word file). Outlines are not acceptable.
  2. Your assessment instructions/question paper.

For Non-PWR students:

  1. A draft of your completed writing (Microsoft Word file) and/or completed presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint file). Outlines are not acceptable.
  2. The instruction/question paper.
  3. The marking criteria.

Important for you to take note (Last updated 11 March 2019)

  • If you are not certain what the assessment question is asking for, you should quickly clarify with your own instructor before you start writing your draft.
  • For consultations regarding PWR assessments, you are only allowed one consultation session per PWR assessment.
  • Bookings are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • To be fair to everyone, students who make multiple bookings for the same PWR assessment will have all their current and subsequent bookings cancelled. In addition, their instructors will be notified of this inconsiderate behavior.
  • If you wish to cancel/reschedule, please do so using the links inside your confirmation email.
  • Bookings are not transferrable.
  • Bookings will only be accepted if they are made via CEC’s consultation booking page. Consultation requests through any other channels (e.g. email) will not be entertained.
  • Your coach will go through the version of the draft which you sent him. Even if you provide a newer version on the consultation session, the coach will still go through the version which you sent. This is to be fair to the coach because he had already spent time reviewing that version.
  • Coaches do not provide further feedback or coaching after the consultation session is over.
  • If you did not receive a confirmation email within 30 minutes after booking, it means that you did not provide a valid smu email address in the booking form. As such, the session will automatically be cancelled at a later date.

To book a consultation session, click here.

Walk in to have a quick chat with specially trained student coaches about your writing and presentation. These coaches will help you to overcome the challenges of structuring and delivering your class assignments.

Li Ka Shing Library, Project Room 2-4 (Turn right after entering via main entrance of Library)

Opening Hours:

Kindly take note that:

  • Consultations are free of charge.
  • Each walk-in consultation session is limited to 20 minutes at most.
  • You should come in with all the following so that the coach has adequate background information of your case:
    • (1) Your draft outline (in bullet point form)
    • (2) The question paper you are answering
    • (3) The marking criteria
  • Walk-in sessions are suitable for going through brief outlines only.
  • Coaches reserve the right to decline walk-in consultations if they realise that they are not in a position to advise you correctly. In such cases, you are advised to approach your course instructors for advice instead.

Last updated on 15 Mar 2019 .